Monday, May 17, 2010

Boys Town Says “Yahoo!” Over $25,000 Donation

Boys Town Says “Yahoo!” Over $25,000 Donation: "


We gave a Yahoo! yodel here at Boys Town recently when Yahoo! employees Seth Dallaire, Marcus Gallo and Jason Johnson surprised us with a check for $25,000! We were blown away by their generosity!

What’s really neat to me is that how both Yahoo! and Boys Town are beacons that help people find their way. Yahoo! helps people find what they’re looking for on the internet and Boys Town helps kids and families find the help they need – and now Yahoo! is helping us do just that.

To know the care these funds are going to make available to struggling children and families amazes me. Many of them have lost their way in a confusing world. Maybe mom’s lost her job and has turned to alcohol, or Susie is skipping school to spend time with her older boyfriend. There are a thousand scenarios for the children and families we help. But what they all have in common is that they need guidance. They’re traveling down the wrong path and Boys Town has the map to success they need.

It is because of individuals and companies like Yahoo! that Boys Town is able to provide life-changing youth care and health care to nearly 370,000 children and families every year.

It all started with a dream by one man, Father Edward Flanagan, in 1917 to change the way America cared for children. His small house in Omaha, Neb., has grown to 12 sites across the country and is one of the top youth care models in the world. We provide not only physical healing, but emotional and spiritual healing as well. Father Flanagan understood the importance a person’s spiritual life has in getting better. It is an increase in spirituality and awareness of self that make the biggest difference in the life of a child.

A man who uses the character changes he sees to mold successful men is Boys Town High School Football Head Coach Kevin Kush. With Coach Kush, many of the youth in our care are part of a team for the first time. They are all working together to accomplish a common goal. Just as Coach Kush inspires his players every day on the field, Coach Kush inspired Yahoo! employees at a conference he spoke at in Phoenix. This was just the beginning of our organizations joining together to better the community.


We are incredibly thankful for the mission-driven folks at Yahoo! who are making so much possible for our children. We know times are tough, but this is when the need for our care is at its highest. Yahoo! is making that care possible.

God’s Blessings,

Father Steven Boes

Boys Town National Executive Director


“100 Movies to See Before You Die” – You Better Get Started

“100 Movies to See Before You Die” – You Better Get Started: "

Many late night coffee runs, impassioned arguments, and hundreds of edits later, we couldn’t be more proud of Yahoo! Movies’ second installment of the “100 Movies to See Before You Die” list. This time we focused on the “Modern Classics” – movies that shaped pop culture and ushered in the next phase of film-making over the last 20 years.

We realize there are many movie lists out there, but several things set Yahoo! Movies and our definitive “100 Movies to See Before You Die” lists apart from the others. To begin with, we do not concentrate solely on American fare —over 20% of the “Modern Classics” are movies from abroad, representing France, China and other countries. What also sets us apart is the painstaking attention we paid to creating a full representation of the last two decades of cinema. Whether your movie preferences are based upon laughs or tears, this is a list that has more than a few options for everyone.

Creating this list was incredibly enjoyable, but the fun really starts when we go live with the list: it’s your comments and honest opinions we most look forward to. Just a few short days after posting the list, we have now received over 5,000 comments on the site, not including Facebook and Twitter responses. As die-hard film fans we love nothing more than a healthy discourse about the 100 films you’ll see on Yahoo! Movies. So enjoy and please weigh in!

-Sean Phillips, Executive Producer Yahoo Movies


Yahoo's search model developing a new face

Yahoo's search model developing a new face: "

Originally published in the San Francisco Chronicle

April 29, 2010

by James Temple

Yahoo Inc. stresses that it's still in the online search business, but a series of papers and presentations the company is unveiling at a major conference this week underscore how navigating the Web has less to do with the search box and blue links we know so well.

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