Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yahoo! News Bytes: Countdown to Zero & Yahoo + Facebook Integration

Yahoo! News Bytes: Countdown to Zero & Yahoo + Facebook Integration: "

About This News Bytes Episode:

Hollywood comes to Silcon Valley as the producers of An Inconvenient Truth unspool their latest documentary at Yahoo! Headquaters in Sunnyvale, Ca. It’s called Countdown to Zero and it focuses on what the film calls the “extinction level threat” posed by nucelar weapons. News Bytes gets an exclusive interview with the movie’s producers, Jeff Skoll and Lawrence Bender. Also, Yahoo! gets social with new Facebook integration. Pamela Woon brings you the latest from inside Yahoo!

About The Yahoo! Digital Media Bureau:

The Yahoo! Digital Media Bureau is a team of Emmy-nominated, multi-platform content creators who innovate and produce original video content, from webisodes to webumentaries. The Yahoo! Digital Media bureau is responsible for the weekly feature, Yahoo! News Bytes, which peels back the layer on everything Yahoo! The Bureau also produces the weekly Yahoo! Trends segment, which focuses on what’s trending in entertainment, pop culture and tech. Yahoo! Trends is distributed on broadcast television and seen throughout the United States.


What the Hell is Cloud Computing?

What the Hell is Cloud Computing?: "

The Chief Geeks of Nasdaq and HP give the 30-second answer. There's been a lot of buzz about Cloud Computing the last few weeks. For those of us with our feet still on the ground, a panel of top CIOs and CTOs gave the executive overview at last week's Summit at Stanford. Anna Ewing invites us to think "distribution": Take high-powered enterprise technology and make it available to the masses via the internet. Russ Daniels of HP talks about the more practical aspect of cloud computing. He believes the essential ingredient is virtualization--getting someone else's computer to do your work for you. This brings down your company's operational costs, freeing up capital while making your company overall more efficient. But it's not all about the bottom line, says Salesforce.com's Polly Sumner. Cloud computing also makes enterprise software more human -- SaaS providers are driven to deliver superior customer service, since clients can leave at any time. Imagine that -- technology forcing us to be more human. Check out the video for more.


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