Monday, December 28, 2009

Storage and Cloud: Smart Business, Here I Come

Storage and Cloud: Smart Business, Here I Come: "
After the new offerings around the Dynamic Infrastructure announcement this week (see my earlier blog on this topic), several folks have asked specifically about the Cloud-related Storage solutions IBM offers.

In case you missed it, IBM made a major announcement around Cloud and Storage earlier this month. The focus was on new IBM "Smart Business Systems" that can be
used on-premises for private-cloud configurations or by Cloud Computing companies who want to offer IT as a service.
IBM Information Archive was the first solution to be announced in this area. IBM Storage expert Tony Pearson provided a couple blogs on this topic:

A "private cloud" implementation for PACS medical images is IBM Grid Medical Archive Solution (GMAS). Doctors, Radiologists, and other medical professionals can access these images over the intranet between multiple locations, such as hospitals and clinics. Spectrum Health, the largest healthcare system in Western
Michigan, discusses their experience with this solution.

Video: Spectrum Health improves productivity with GMAS

Also, see the IBM Storage and Cloud Website for more Cloud-related storage offerings.

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