Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ajay Srihari
Service Manager, Hewlett Packard.

"Ajay’s skills are the defining invariance"

I changed some four companies and joined HP in 2009. Jan 9th ’09 was the first day when I first met Ajay. The first question he asked all of us [J&J Engineers],”Who is your Manager? Where is Ajay, anyone has seen him?” I tried looking into his ID badge, but it was back side front. I though Ajay to be my functional manager rather people manager as he distributed the list of my Username/password and asked me to login to ensure and verify if everything is okay.

Ajay is not only decisive, intelligent, and aggressive, but caring, sensitive, and personable. He is able to handle conflict and have the ability to develop solutions to complex problems.

People skills are probably one of the most important qualities that Ajay possess. When something goes wrong, or a decision needs to be made; people look to him for assistance.

Ajay stresses more on individual growth and team building. His passion towards technology is next to none and his way to sense the issue & acknowledge adds another kodachi into his arsenal as a Manager.

While writing this blog, I tried recalling all previous managers, I worked to single out the best qualities of manager's that I experienced in the past. I fell short of words to describe Ajay, but to write – his skills are the defining invariance. Ajay’s analogical skills are injected in his communication. He is daring manager who loves to give opportunities and make his employee feel motivated to achieve their finale goal.

Ajay is an excellent manager to work with, a friend to share your feelings, a techxpert to get his vision and ideas and above all – A person who gives more values to Emotional Intelligence.

~Raju Singh


  1. Hi,

    Ajay is friendly,more a good professional.He is very good in people management.A strong personality with a clean image in HP.


  2. Hi,

    I am a Fan of Ajay..he is always active, energetic and Good Professional. He would be my ideal person for my growth. I have learnt a lot from him and i would be the same like him, if I am in that position.

    Sai Pavan kumar reddy. V

  3. Hi I got very small amount of time to work with Ajay, but whatever time I got I enjoyed my work under his guidance. From the day 1 he was personally giving attention to everyone and I was one of them. I wish again I can work with him. Very friendly person.
    Ajit Rajput.

  4. Hi,
    I had worked with Ajay for 3 years. According to me he is very professional and he always thinks about team achieving goals and reaching higher levels at the same time he thinks about individual engineer's growth also. I have to admit that he is one of the best manager’s I have worked so far in my life.
    Sandeep Upadhya

  5. Hi,
    I have been with Ajay for very less time. But in that period I would like to share some my observations:
    According to Stephen Covey's time matrix activity, Ajay is more dedicated to second quadrant of the matrix activities. Outcomes of this is Vision, perspective, control and balance in his field.
    He is spending his time in this quadrant and Quadrant 2 is the key to getting things under control.
    Best wishes to him.

    --- Kedar S Tamboli

  6. I can't agree more...

  7. I got only very less time to work with Ajay. I feel he is very good in people management. We can learn a lot from him, in Project and people management.

  8. I have been working in HP since last 1 year. Ajay is one of the best person I have ever seen in my professional career. He is dynamic and proactive, decisive.

    Veerender Reddy

  9. Hemant Kumar PatraMarch 18, 2010 at 8:39 PM

    It was an immense pleasure working with Ajay ,Though I work for a short time i take back a lot of learning from him.

  10. Ajay is best person and very friendly.